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About Us​

Founded in 2005, Apple Retail Properties was an outgrowth of Stewart Properties—founded in 1982—of which both businesses are part of The Stewart Companies family of businesses. The decision to focus on the specific needs of the retail real estate community through Apple Retail Properties was a critical move in the greater mid-Atlantic region. Our growth is a testament to the importance of having a real estate operation that understands the specific needs of a fast-moving industry such as retail.

To this day, we have grown our footprint to cover key markets from North Carolina to Pennsylvania. Along the way, we’ve developed relationships with major national/international brands such as Starbucks, Chipotle, Panera Bread, Aspen Dental, MOD Pizza, and many others. All of whom have entrusted us to aid them in securing prime property locations and deliver sound, efficient property management services.

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